What You Can Expect


What You Can Expect From Me As Your Trainer

Bring a positive, fun loving attitude to every session

Provide detailed demonstrations and monitor your form to ensure you are using the proper technique to achieve the best results and avoid injury

Offer a variety of exercises in every session, keeping your workouts fresh and exciting

Share in your excitement as you reach fitness goals you never thought possible


What You Can Expect From Your Sessions

Every session will follow a similar structure with slight variations depending on individual requirements

  • Warm-up period
  • Personalized training
  • Post-exercise consultation

Each session includes a mix of exercises that will be tailored to meet your specific fitness goals   


What You Can Expect From Your Nutritional Guidance

Proper nutrition does not mean dramatic reductions in food but is about ensuring you get the correct balance of foods to fuel your exercise and accelerate your progress

Nutritional guidance is included in every package and is designed to align your macronutrient (Fats, Carbohydrates, Protein) intake with your specific goals


What You Can Expect From Your Schedule

Each session will be approximately 1-hour in length and scheduled by appointment

Training is recommended at least twice per week to ensure maximum results

Fitness assessments completed at the initial session and every 12 sessions there after


What You Can Expect From Your Results

Regular fitness assessments will be used to track your progress against your goals by:

  • taking various body measurements
  • recording your weight 
  • evaluating your performance on simple fitness tests (ex: push-up test) 

Your results may vary, but the average client completing 6 weeks of training twice a week has:

  • Taken 2 inches off their hips
  • Lost 4 pounds
  • Increased their push-up test results by 6

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