Where I Started

   I first found fitness as a recommendation from my doctor to help treat my post-partum depression. I started at home using the typical fitness videos a few times a week. I struggled to complete a single push-up. The dedicated time to focus on my needs and escape the pressures of everyday life, paired with the satisfaction I felt in completing a workout, quickly became a regular addiction for me. 


Taking the Next Step

  As my overall fitness improved, I joined a gym with regular classes to help push me further. After a few years of regular workouts, I was getting frustrated with my lack of progress so I decided to sign on with a personal trainer. Making the decision to work with a trainer, who built workouts designed to focus on my weaknesses while maintaining my existing strengths, led to results I had never imagined. This is also where I learned the value of nutritional guidance. I had always tried to eat well, but never with a plan or a guide to help me define what eating well actually meant.


Finding My Passion

  I was so excited by my progress that I set the goal of competing in a figure competition and achieved it a year later.  Reaching a goal I never thought possible inspired me to find a way to help others feel that same sense of accomplishment.  I pursued my certification in personal training, and was hired to train at a local gym. I have had the pleasure of working with great clients, helping them reach their own personal goals both big and small. 

I have loved being part of their journey, and I would love the opportunity to be part of yours too! 

Ready To Start Your Journey with Simply Fit Training

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